Bethany Missouri

Bethany: Bethany is the county seat of Harrison County. Our population today is 3,087. Healthcare, retail trade, agriculture and education currently make up the economic base of our lovely community. Bethany is also a haven for the outdoor enthusiast. Harrison County is one of the top record book buck producing counties in Missouri. We also have a large population of birds especially turkeys and the fishing opportunities are second to none. Located on Interstate 35 just 1 hour north of Kansas City, Missouri and 1 hour south of Des Moines Iowa, Bethany lies in an ideal spot for trade and travel. U.S. Highway 136 and State Highway 69 & 13 run directly through the business district.

Evidence of the growth of Bethany in recent years includes a $4.7 million expansion of Harrison County Community Hospital completed in 2006 and an additional $1.8 million renovation to begin in 2008, several new businesses, new homes, and the remodeling of existing structures. Our High School is undergoing a major renovation of the track and football complex.

Yesterday: The settlement of Harrison County began around 1838, although the land was not surveyed and opened for entry until 1842. The county named after Albert C. Harrison who was a Missouri politician during the 19th century. Many of the early pioneers in the county settled along Sugar Creek and in the Bethany area. Three commissioners deliberated for several days to determine a site for the county seat and finally came to the decision to place it in the southern part of the county. The original name for the community was Dallas.

Today: Our community is a vibrant and growing part of Northwest Missouri and Southern Iowa. Bethany is also an affordable place to live with a cost of living index of 94.9% of the national average. This compares to Kansas City which is at 102.2% of the national average and St. Louis which is at 100.7%.